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Sunset - Pinellas DV Coalition Reports

"You are not the darkness you endured. You are the light that refused to surrender.” ― John Mark Green

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Reports & Spotlights

The Coalition is focused on providing the most accurate data and information regarding intimate partner violence in Pinellas County. Here you can find our reports and data.

​In the United States, 55% of women who are murdered are murdered by their intimate partner (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017). There is no doubt that all of these women were part of a community that included family, friends, coworkers, classmates and neighbors. And there is also no doubt that the people who loved them may not have known how to help them.

In our review of Pinellas County Intimate Partner homicides, 71% of the time, friends or family were aware of some of these risk factors. They knew, but likely did not realize that these factors presented an increased risk for homicide. On its own, each factor in the infographic represents serious danger, but any of these combined may increase the risk of being killed.
When more than one of the factors is happening, it is time to assist your loved one in getting help.

​You can help by sharing this information with them, being available to help with safety planning and support, listening to them, respecting their choices, and/or offering to reach out to a domestic violence center or law enforcement.


​If someone you know is the one displaying these dangerous behaviors, it is your responsibility to let them know their behavior is unacceptable. You can also call law enforcement, reach out to the victim to help them stay safe, or reach out to a batterer intervention program.

Recognizing and understanding the seriousness of these factors saves lives. Taking no action when these factors are present may result in the death of your loved ones and friends.

Fatality Review Team Reports

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